Decisive – A New Perspective to Aid Decision-Making

Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath, encourages us to change how we make decisions.  Although this book is primarily written from a business perspective, many of the principles can be applied to personal decisions as well.

The Heath brothers teach the reader to expand the approach to decision making using the four-step WRAP process – Widen Your Options, Reality-Test Your Assessments, Attain a Distance Before Deciding, and Prepare to be Wrong.

The Heath brothers’ start off by describing four “villains” that impede good decision making.  They point out that when we make decisions, many of us are asking the wrong questions.  For example, instead of answering the question “I wonder whether or not I should apply for that promotion out of state?” we should ask farther-ranging questions, such as “What are the opportunities for promotion in my company, and which one is the best path for me?”  Sometimes our focus is too narrow, and we miss the best choice because of this.

Another common pitfall is that we consciously or unconsciously favor one choice.   Thus all of our decision-making research is geared toward proving that choice is the right one.  The Heath brothers provide suggestions on how to avoid this and other pitfalls.

I found this book to be very helpful in making a career decision that I had previously felt ambivalent towards.  Now I am curious to see how I might use these principles in the workplace.


About Lilibet King

I'm a mid-level manager for a national company, one that doesn't permit me to mention its name in a blog - I'm not that high up in the company. I'm an introvert who has trouble finding material on leadership for those who are introverted and/or shy, so I'm writing my own based on almost 20 years experience in management and supervision.
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