Networking for People Who Hate Networking by Devora Zack

I have to admit, the title of this book caught my attention when I saw it reviewed in the Forbes Woman digital newsletter. I hate the thought of networking. I think of being at a large party with a room full of strangers, and being forced to make small talk to try and make a positive impression. That’s my worst nightmare! So I had to pick up this book.

The subtitle is “A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed and the Underconnected”. The author, Devora Zack, sets out to help us make positive connections without forcing us to abandon our basic nature as introverts. Instead, she offers real-life strategies for coping with networking situations and offers healthy alternatives.

One of the first things that she points out is that introverts are not necessarily shy. They may appear to be quite outgoing. Her definition of an introvert is someone who thinks to talk, as compared with an extrovert who talks to think. An introvert is energized by time alone, while an extrovert is energized by social activity. Therefore, one of her most important points is that introverts need time alone to recharge.

Although the book is focused on introverts, Zack does a good job of describing how both introverts and extroverts react in different situations. Reading this book will help both personality types understand each other better.


About Lilibet King

I'm a mid-level manager for a national company, one that doesn't permit me to mention its name in a blog - I'm not that high up in the company. I'm an introvert who has trouble finding material on leadership for those who are introverted and/or shy, so I'm writing my own based on almost 20 years experience in management and supervision.
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